About SpaceKap at Sanderson Ford

Sanderson Ford Glendale AZ Sanderson Ford Glendale AZ

Our unique concept goes beyond just being another truck cap. It is a fully transferable workshop that fits all pickup truck makes and models. SpaceKaps are built to last and can outlive your pickup truck by 15 years. Plus, they can be easily transferred onto your next truck in just 2 hours.

For over two decades, SpaceKap has proven to be one of the most versatile service truck solutions available. When compared to service vans, it offers an unmatched return on investment. The shelving is easily transferred with the unit onto your next truck, saving you thousands of dollars in upfitting expenses. Over a 10-year period, using a SpaceKap could result in savings of up to $26,000 compared to using a traditional service van.

The SpaceKap is known for being an attractive and cost-effective solution that meets the transportation needs of businesses of all sizes. These units are affordable, safe, reusable, and can be transferred from one vehicle to another, allowing any pickup truck to become a fully operational service vehicle.

Sanderson Ford Glendale AZ Sanderson Ford Glendale AZ Sanderson Ford Glendale AZ