Ford GT

The Ford GT.

The Ford GT is one of the greatest supercars ever built. To be a servicing dealer for this magnificent automobile, Ford dealers had to make a serious commitment.

First, a custom-made trailer is required. This trailer has only one purpose in life. Transport a Ford GT to wherever it needs to go.

Additionally, there must be a specific area to work on the GT with a custom lift. This means you have a space that is secure and devoted solely to the purpose of servicing Ford GTs.

Third, you must go to Multi-Matic to where these cars are built to be trained and certify in all the areas necessary to be a GT servicing dealer.

This is a significant financial investment and the number of Ford dealers that made this commitment is very small. In fact, Sanderson Ford is the ONLY GT servicing dealer in Arizona. To take it to the next level, we are the only GT servicing dealer between Dallas and Los Angeles.

The latest version of the Ford GT was built from 2017-2023 with only 1,350 being produced worldwide. Sanderson Ford can proudly say that we are considered one of THE best places in the world to get this vehicle serviced. Our GT technician is known across the country for his commitment and expertise. Further, Sanderson Ford is known for exceptional customer service. It only stands to reason that a Ford dealer with a reputation like Sanderson Ford would show the kind of commitment necessary to be a GT servicing dealer.

Why would this be important to you? If Sanderson makes this kind of commitment to the Ford GT, you know our commitment to our customers who buy our cars and trucks for the last 68 years will be at the highest possible level.

Come see why we say, "We are the dealership that service built."