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Ford PremiumCARE image What makes PremiumCARE the ultimate coverage for my vehicle?

It's the most comprehensive service contract offered by Ford. PremiumCARE is like having the best available health plan for your car. It covers the parts and labor to repair thousands of key components, including engine, transmission, steering, brakes, front suspension, electrical and more. It even covers components that have worn out. Advanced technology like SYNC, GPS, hybrids, and SIRIUS are covered as well.

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Ford ExtraCARE Image How extensive is the coverage ExtraCARE provides for my vehicle repairs?

It's very extensive. It's one of the most thorough types of protection offered by Ford ESP. ExtraCARE covers parts and labor to repair 113 key components - after your bumper-to-bumper New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires. It includes 10 major vehicle systems: and ExtraCARE also covers components such as motors, power locks, and the sound system. It can easily pay for itself. One covered repair could save you the amount you paid and more.

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Ford BaseCARE Image How much protection does BaseCARE provide for my vehicle repairs?

It offers coverage of vehicle systems that impact drivability plus your vehicle's overall performance. BaseCARE from Ford ESP, is like having a quality, basic health plan for your car. It covers parts and labor to repair 84 major components - after your bumper-to-bumper coverage expires. BaseCARE includes nine major vehicle systems and is a great value. It can easily pay for itself.

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Ford PowertrainCARE Image What level of additional coverage does PowertrainCARE provide for my vehicle repairs?

PowertrainCARE offers minimal coverage for major components to keep your vehicle operational. It's like having critical health care insurance for your vehicle. PowertrainCARE covers 29 major components after the bumper-to-bumper warranty expires. Key areas include: engine, transmission, rear-wheel drive components, and front-wheel drive components.

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Ford PremiumCARE Maintenance Plan Image How does the Premium Maintenance Plan protect my budget and my vehicle?

It delivers maximum protection against rising maintenance costs. The coverage is prepaid so you never have to worry about maintaining your vehicle. Premium Maintenance from Ford ESP is like buying a dental plan with broad coverage. It covers regular check ups, routine inspections, preventative care, and replacement of normal "wear and tear" items that require periodic attention. Coverage includes; engine oil and filter changes, multipoint inspections, tire rotations, brake pad and lining replacement, shock absorbers, spark plugs, clutch linings, belts, hoses, and wiper blades. We promise peace of mind at over 4,000 Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealerships in the US and Canada.

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AstroGlaze Image Astro Glaze Polymer Paint Protection Plan

As an AutoMate customer, you are enrolled in our Premier Paint Protection Program. Your new vehicle is protected with Astro-Glaze Paint Sealant, one of the most technologically advanced paint protectors available today. This specially formulated polymer paint sealant is applied with the revolutionary and fully automatic Soft-Cloth Polish Machine. AutoMate's Astro-Glaze paint sealant bonds with the chemicals in the painted surfaces of your vehicle. It brings out the brilliance and the color of the paint and produces a glossy, mirror like finish. Not only will it keep your vehicle looking and feeling new, it will also retain the value of your investment.

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Ford SmartAlert Image SmartAlert Advantage includes lifetime Stolen Vehicle Recovery Service

SmartAlert assists police trcking of your vehicle through GPS technology from virtually anywhere in the world. It also offers these additional benefits-
Early Theft Detection-
Set an invisible fence to protect your vehicle from theft

Speed Alerts-
Receive notification when your vehicle exceeds a preset maximum speed. Zone alerts also notify you when your vehicle travels into or out of zones you set.
Historical Location and Live Tracking-
Know where your vehicle is or has been at all times-from almost anywhere.
SmartAlert Mobile-
Access vehicle features from your web-enabled mobile device.
Monthly Reports-
Vehicle status report delivered to you monthly via email.

Remote Door Unlock-
Unlock your doors online or by calling a SkyWay Advisor. Not available on all vehicles.

SmartAlert Advantage, you'll have your own secure homepage at

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LoJack Image LoJack makes sure your vehicle stays yours

When it comes to protecting your new vehicle, there's no more effective system than LoJack, the world leader in stolen vehicle recovery. The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is the only system that works directly with police to recover your stolen vehicle before serious damage can be done.
Get Even More Peace of Mind-
And now the
LoJack early warning system can alert you by phone, email, or pager if your vehicle is moved without your permission, giving you an important head start in the recovery process. Even with the most sophisticated alarm system you might not discover your vehicle is missing for hours and hours. Think about how many times you have walked by a blaring alarm and hardly noticed it. With LoJack Early Warning you'll be notified directly, within an hour, if your vehicle is stolen.

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